Artisan Project

We have great news about the Wild Hope Artisan Project! The goal from day one of the project has always been to empower local women. Wild Hope has been an incubator for the program, investing in these 160 amazing artisans until it was time for the Artisan Project to grow its own feet and stand on its own. That time has now come. Our own Faith Moshi, who has been the faithful manager of the Wild Hope Artisans for the last 6 years, has felt a call from the Lord to take over the project as her own ministry/business. Not only does Faith have a proven track record as a businesswoman in Arusha, but she also has long term relationships with all of the Artisans and they love her deeply. Rejoice with us in this milestone! 

If you would like to order any products from the Artisans you can contact Faith at 

Wild Hope Artisan products can also be found in your local country online at:

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